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Beards and Board Rooms: How Your Facial Hair Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you're a bearded professional, you might be wondering if your facial hair is holding you back in your career. But fear not, my bearded brethren - there are plenty of reasons why a well-groomed beard can actually give you a leg up in the professional world.

For starters, a well-groomed beard can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on potential employers or clients. It's a way to showcase your individuality and personal style while still adhering to workplace dress codes. Plus, let's be real - who doesn't love a good beard?

And speaking of love, research has shown that beards can be perceived as a symbol of masculinity, dominance, and authority. This can give bearded professionals a sense of confidence and power, which can be especially valuable in leadership positions or when working with clients. Plus, a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that bearded men were perceived as more attractive, masculine, and dominant than their clean-shaven counterparts. So not only will you exude confidence with a well-groomed beard, but you'll also have a leg up in the dating game.

But the benefits don't stop there - maintaining a well-groomed beard can also have physical benefits. Beard oil and other grooming products can help keep your facial hair and skin healthy and moisturized, reducing the risk of dryness, itching, or flakiness. And let's not forget that a well-groomed beard can be a great way to show off your personal style and creativity in a professional setting.

So my fellow bearded professionals, don't let anyone tell you that your facial hair is holding you back. By maintaining a professional appearance with a well-groomed beard, you are showcasing your individuality and confidence while still adhering to workplace dress codes. And let's be real - who doesn't want to be the bearded boss that everyone looks up to?


Frankie E. Valle, LMHC, is the Owner and Chief Formulator of Esthete Beard Co., a men's grooming company that prioritizes mental and emotional wellness. With over a decade of experience as a Licensed Mental Counselor in Florida, Frankie is passionate about identifying real solutions to life issues and promoting healthy living through a faith-based approach. With a background as an Adjunct Professor and Consultant, he grew a small private practice into a treatment center before founding Esthete Beard Co. Check out Frankie's tips for achieving good mental, emotional, and spiritual balance in the Point Man Blost Post, where he emphasizes the importance of nurturing supportive fellowship, healthy living, and a meaningful relationship with God.


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