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How do I support a friend or relative?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Mental health is essential for everyone, but unfortunately, it can be a complex topic for men to discuss. If you're worried about a male friend's mental well-being, it can be tough to know how to help. Here are some steps you can take to support your friend and encourage him to seek help if necessary.

  1. Approach your friend with kindness and empathy. It's important to be non-judgmental and understanding and to let your friend know you're there to listen and support him.

  2. Start the conversation. It's okay to be direct and ask your friend how he's doing or if he's been feeling down or overwhelmed lately. You could also share your own experiences with mental health if you feel comfortable doing so.

  3. Listen without judgment. Encourage your friend to share his feelings and thoughts with you and actively listen to what he says. Avoid offering unsolicited advice or making assumptions about how he's feeling.

  4. Show your friend that you care. Simple gestures like checking in on him regularly, inviting him to activities that you both enjoy, and reminding him that he's not alone can go a long way in making him feel supported.

  5. Encourage your friend to seek help if necessary. If your friend is struggling with mental health issues, it's important to encourage him to seek professional help. You could help him find a therapist or other mental health resources or accompany him to his first appointment.

  6. Educate yourself. If your friend is struggling with a specific mental health condition, take some time to educate yourself about it. This can help you better understand what your friend is going through and how you can support him.

Remember, supporting a friend's mental well-being can be challenging, but it's also incredibly important. By approaching the conversation with kindness and empathy, listening without judgment, and encouraging your friend to seek help if necessary, you can play an essential role in helping him on his journey to better mental health.


Frankie E. Valle, LMHC, is the Owner and Chief Formulator of Esthete Beard Co., a men's grooming company that prioritizes mental and emotional wellness. With over a decade of experience as a Licensed Mental Counselor in Florida, Frankie is passionate about identifying real solutions for life issues and promoting healthy living through a faith-based approach. With a background as an Adjunct Professor and Consultant, he grew a small private practice into a treatment center before founding Esthete Beard Co. Check out Frankie's tips for achieving good mental, emotional, and spiritual balance in the Point Man Blost Post, where he emphasizes the importance of supportive relationships, healthy living, and a strong connection with Jesus Christ.



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